This isn’t going to be a super long post as I am absolutely knackered and its only 8:36pm.

The last two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of emotions, stress, business and about zero percent downtime.

We arrived in England on the 8th of September, which was a Tuesday. I went to school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to set up my room, meet teachers, organise things and everything else in between. Come Monday, I had my first 10 out of 30 kiddies. By Friday, I had all 30 crazy kids in my very small room. Makes for lots of noise and chaos which I don’t deal with very well.

I am a reception teacher, which is the equivalent age and ‘structure’ as Kindy back in QLD. Not exactly what I was expecting when I arrived, but hey, things could be worse. Day 2 of ‘teaching’ and I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel. Things weren’t working for Jacob, we didn’t have a place to live, transport prices are out of this world and so on, however, we have agreed to finish out the school year (ends in July 2016) and then see how we feel.

 This has basically been my life for the last two weeks; sleep, transport to school, school, transport home, dinner, sleep, and repeat. Once I get my life sorted things will be much more interesting around here.

Despite all the negativity that is surrounding me, church has been amazing. We are lucky enough to have a Hillsong church 40 minutes away and my goodness, it has been amazing to just be in the house of God and finally relax.

I’m missing everyone back home a crazy amount, and this move has made me grow up super quick.

If you’re reading this, you’re the greatest and I love you loads!

On this note, WE MOVE INTO OUR FLAT THIS SATURDAY! So excited. I will make sure to put something up about how much fun Jacob and I had assembling all the IKEA stuff we bought! Yay!

Much love,