Well, after a year of planning a wedding from the other side of the world Jacob and I finally got to get on a plane and head back to Australia for our wedding!

I left England two weeks before Jacob did. We did this so that I could deal with the things that Jacob didn’t need to be around for (flowers, dresses etc). It was so nice to be home! I got to surprise my mum and my brother by arriving two days earlier than expected. It was fantastic!
Once Jacob arrived on Australian soil, it was all guns blazing finalising all the details about our big day. We finally got to see in person and speak to our theming company who were a massive help! Over the course of the year, we were in constant email conversations, 3 am skype calls trying to work out table arrangements, ceremony setups, centrepieces and everything else that comes with weddings. If anyone is getting married and want a company who do the theme, set up, pack down and everything else in between AVIdeas (http://www.avideas.com.au) are the people to go with! They are just amazing.

When the countdown began to hit single digits, things were getting more and more exciting! Boys suits were finalised, barbers were busy trying (and succeeding) to make the boys look incredible (which they did). I spent quite a lot of time back in Aus, doing supply work. It kept me busy and also gave us a bit more money to work with.

So, the day finally came! I wasn’t up too early (6:00am-ish). The bridesmaids, mum and one of my aunts went to breakfast and then started getting all prettied up. I spent quite a lot of time between home and the hairdressers playing taxi. After everyone got dressed and looking beautiful, it was my turn! I got to put the dress on for my actual wedding day (it had been on multiple times beforehand “just making sure it fits”). Photos were taken and we went to go to the ceremony. I was all chill and calm until I saw the number of people at the ceremony! I had an instant freak out – not because of what was about to happen, but because I knew all these people would be looking at me! Terrifying!

The ceremony went well, with Jacob only messing up his vows once, me fumbling over a few words here and there. Within a blink of an eye, the ceremony was over and we were officially Mr and Mrs Richter! We said all the hellos and hugs to everyone, before heading off to get photos done! You can watch the ceremony here!

Jacob had decided that we just HAD to get photos at Gap Creek Reservoir – which has a crazy steep hill! It was certainly interesting getting up there in a wedding dress and the bridesmaids in their heels! Once we got to the top, it was totally worth it because the photos turned out spectacular! After a few mushy photos, group photos, photos of me falling/tripping it was then time to head to the reception! The night before the wedding, I went to the hall one last time to check how things were going – when I got there, there wasn’t a lot that had been done, so I had a minor meltdown! HOWEVER, the night of the reception, I walked into that hall and was completely blown away! It looked like I had stepped into something from a Disney movie. The tables were perfect, the chairs, the lights, the flowers, everything was just beautiful! I couldn’t have even dreamed of the reception ever looking like that!

We ate, laughed, kissed! When it came time to the first dance, everyone headed outside. Our band of Groomsmen and our fantastic singer Kathleen did an amazing job at singing our first dance song. Little did some people know, we had a secret up our sleeve – we had planned a bridal party dance! So once our song ended, the bridal party got up and danced to ‘Love on Top’ by BeyoncĂ©! It was so funny and I am so happy we pulled it off!

Before we knew it, it was the end of the night and everyone was heading back home. Jacob and I couldn’t believe that the day was actually done and it had gone by so quick! We were whizzed off to our hotel for some sleep before jet setting off the next day to our honeymoon destination.

We had the most perfect and incredible day, and I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who helped! My mum and Colin did an incredible job at catering for everybody! Jacobs dad Nathan, and his friend Mike for doing photography for us, AVIdeas for everything, and lastly every single person who came to help us celebrate! We love you all so much!

Congrats on getting to the end!

Much love, xxx