Bed, bath and beyond…

But really Oxford, Bath & Bristol.

Another travel adventure of the double trouble couple with Ranya [Raph & Danya], India and myself.

Leaving early in the morning, we all head towards the train station near home to make our way to West London to pick up a “Spaceship”. Not a literal spaceship, but a company which re-fits vans and cars to be a budget friendly travel option for backpackers and travelers alike. [check them out here] So we picked up our slightly dodgy, older minivan named “Taybor” as our travel option and headed off on our adventure for the weekend.

Our first stop… naturally, was for coffee. We stopped off in a suburb called High Wycombe on the outskirts of London. We then found a cafe called “Pantry” where the owner of the cafe was mistaken in thinking we were all hipster cafe bloggers due to Raph and his freshly purchased DSLR, which he whipped out and took photos with. However, it did score us some free chocolate brownies for the road. Funnily enough, since then a proper hipster has written a blog of “Pantry” here.

Once we were caffeinated and ready to go, we set off on our first stretch of longer driving towards the university town of Oxford. We arrived there around lunch time and after struggling to find somewhere to park our beloved spaceship we realized it was actually the open weekend for the uni. So we did what anyone would naturally do and pretended we were prestigious students looking for the perfect college to make home. We walked around and admired the old town before sitting in a very green patch of grass to eat lunch. The ducks were also happy to see us have lunch on the patch of grass next to a canal as they stalked us from every possible angle to get some food.

After being chased out of Oxford by some hungry ducks we continued our journey towards our home for the night in Bristol. We had an Air BnB booked just outside of the town where we went to drop our stuff off and have small rest before heading into the heart of Bristol for the night. We head into town and found a unique bar called “Steinbeck and Shaw” it was very grunge/metal but they were doing half price cocktails… who can refuse that. Danya found a Groupon deal for us for dinner at a restaurant called “The Cuban” which was up the road from this bar, so we stumbled our tipsy cocktail feet to dinner. While we were eating dinner we had the pleasure of on looking some latin dancing which did turn more and more sensual as the night progressed. Dancing aside, we both shared a paella which was the size of both India and my face combined. After attempting to eat all our food we heading back for our Air BnB to gather some rest.

Day 2. Began with a hunt for coffee again. We found a place in Bristol called Brew. Check a blog post about Brew [here]. After having a hearty breakfast we set back out on the road to our next planned destination of Bath. An hour or so later we pulled into the old town of Bath and parked our spaceship so we could walk around. We went and saw the entrance to the roman baths which Bath is famous for both all agreed we didn’t want to pay the £18 or so entry fee to see some old water in a bath. So we continued walking around checking out the sights. Funny enough we did get wet in Bath as it began to rain so we set out for some shelter at a coffee shop. The place we found was called Forum. [here’s another blog post about coffee] Once the weather had cleared out a bit, we headed up the hill and to see a birds-eye view of the town, got some happy snaps with our means or transport and headed on to our next destination being the Stonehenge.

We arrived at the visitor center of Stonehenge where once again we were greeted with entrance fees to see old landmarks. We decided to pass on the more than £15 entry and 2km walk for a cheaper option of pulling into a dirt road just off the highway near them. After we used the fancy visitor center for pleasant toilet stop we did exactly that… Pulled into a dirt road just off the highway. It turns out we weren’t the only ones who did this as there were other cars/vans on the road some of them empty, we did wonder if they jumped the fence and walked right up to Stonehenge themselves. We took some photos said we saw it and continued southbound towards the seaside town of Bournemouth.

Our main agenda upon arrive Bournemouth was food. We were hungry for some lunch after not having eaten since breakfast in Bristol. We found another cool bar called “Sixty Million Postcards” which did have quite a few postcards stuck around the place, and could actually write and send postcards to. We explored the town of Bournemouth some more, walked the pier in very windy conditions pretending it was 30 degrees and having a lovely day by the sea. We soon became sick of the cold sunny but windy conditions and heading towards the spaceship to launch homebound.

We did exactly that and heading back to Heathrow to drop our vehicle of choice back but of course not before dodging some classic M25 London Traffic. We did make it without to much of delay with the help of the Waze app returned our old friend Taybor.

And that’s the story of our weekend trip of Bed, Bath [Bristol, Oxford, Bournemouth] and beyond.