Holidays! Yay!

For February half term holidays, Jacob, Danya, Raph and myself went to Portugal! It was so much fun hanging out with the other half of our crazy couple. They are just the most wonderful people and I love them to bits!

We stayed in this adorable, tiny 3 bedroom apartment in Lisbon. When we first got to the Airbnb, the host had bought us all¬†pasta del nata, which is basically a Portuguese custard tart. They were AMAZING! I had at least 1 every day. We explored Lisbon for a few days, went and saw the world’s ‘sexiest’ toilet, which was basically a wall of coloured toilet paper, but was still great!

We then decided to go on an adventure to Sintra! We hired these tiny little car/buggy things! ¬†They were fabulous and got us around to all the castles we wanted to see. Jacob only drove on the wrong side of the road once, so that’s a small win for us!

The few days we spent in Portugal was just incredible, and it was a great break with even greater people!

Keep posted for the next update!


Much love, xxx