I headed off to Basel, Switzerland with London Hillsong Your & Free crew. Basel is essentially in the corner of Switzerland and borders both Germany and France. When you arrive at the airport you actually pick which customs you want to arrive through depending on where you are heading.

We were out there for a christian youth festival called “Crea” which located at “Chrischona International” which is the bible college & church based in Basel. The campus is located on top of large hill where you can overlook the town of Basel and see into horizon of the borders of both Germany and France.

Hillsong were playing a set on an outdoor stage of the opening night of the festival beginning at 11pm. The day was full of a bit of craziness, as we were beginning to start our soundcheck a massive hail storm came through the area we were in. When on an outdoor stage we bailed on our soundcheck and pushed it back and covered our gear up and fled for the safety and dryness of inside.

After the storm passed we headed back out to the stage where the sun was now beginning to shine through the clouds, I did however notice that the monitor console was no longer sitting where it was but instead in the sun with the local crew attempting to dry it with hair dryers… turns out our monitor console [Yamaha M7CL] was the only victim of the crazy storm and received quite a lot of water directly onto it and no longer powered on. After many discussions with the local crew and organisers we made the call postpone our soundcheck once again while the production company sourced another monitor console for the night. They did find one but it had to come from Zurich the capital of Switzerland which was about two hours drive away. None the less the new console arrived and we completed our soundcheck four hours later then scheduled and the night when great.

At FOH I had a Soundcraft VI2000 which is the fairly new medium format soundcraft console. As I had some time up my sleeve due to our weather situation I had some time to make a few adjustments to my show file as the console was so new there isn’t an offical offline editor for it yet. PA for the event was d&b T Series with V subs. The local PA company did a great job of the PA and it was sounding nice. Mixing on the VI2000 was a pleasant experience and had the very clean sound of a soundcraft console.