Day 1:
Ferrari word! It was an awesome day filled with so much adrenaline and craziness! We went on the fastest roller coaster in the WORLD… and it certainly was! I can’t even begin to explain how fast it was. If you are ever in Abu Dhabi, I would totally recommend it!

Day 2:
We did a city tour of Abu Dhabi today! We saw so much of the city, in all of its glorious heat. We went to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which was awesome. I had to wear an abaya as my shirt sleeves didn’t cover my wrists – it was hot under all of the black. I learned a ton of new things such as that on top of the Mosque, all of the gold is real! 24 carat solid gold! We then went to a date market and ate about 5 different types of dates. From there, we drove past Emirates Palace and took many photos in front of it. The sand from that beach is imported from Africa!

Day 3:
On our final day in Abu Dhabi, we did a desert safari! It was one of the best days ever! We did crazy driving over the sand dunes before going to a camel farm where I got to cuddle a camel and it was so amazing. We then went to a camp and had a BBQ dinner, henna drawing, camel riding and sand boarding. We came back around 9:30pm, before heading to the airport to start the next leg of our journey in PARIS!

Much love xx