Well, we are in Paris! Yay!!! I cannot contain my excitement right now. This has been my dream place to visit since I was a pre-teen, so right now all of my dreams are coming true.

We spent Jacob’s 21st birthday on a plane and then eating some baguettes before heading off to see the EIFFEL TOWER (eeeekkkk)!! I got tricked by some people into buying something they forced onto me, then having a meltdown aka tantrum about it and crying that I wanted to go home (Australia home, not hotel home). All of this happening within 10 minutes of being at the tower! From there, we went back to the hotel to work out what we were going to do for the rest of the day, so we decided on a bike tour of Paris. My old youth group leader, Trina works at ‘Fat Tire Bike Tours’, so we were able to do a 3.5-hour tour of Paris with our tour guide, Elsa. If you are ever in Paris, I highly suggest you do it! It is so so amazing and you cover so much ground in so little time. It was fabulous. After the tour, we went and had dinner in some cute little French restaurant in the 18th district. It would’ve been fabulous if we weren’t falling asleep whilst eating and getting the train back.

The following day, we caught up with Trina for coffee and breakfast before heading to the tower to sit and eat/drink/observe all the tourists. We had a wonderful time before Trina suggesting a spot where we can get awesome photos of the tower, it was just across the bridge. So off we went to get some ‘touristy’ photos. Whilst getting photos, the most amazing thing happened……..